Wrestling Road Trip.

The 1st ever Shining Wizards road trip is over and done with, and what a trip it was. Myself, Eddie and our three other friends jumped into the car I rented, which I had rented to avoid everyone being on top of each other. Well the “SUV” they had, was a tight fit for all of us, so thanks a bunch Hertz, I don’t know what 5 people you think can fit in that car, but these 5 didn’t fit as snug as we would have liked.

We ventured up to Cambridge, Mass. And I gotta give Drew Cordero and Beyond Wrestling huge props, cause as the show was titled “Off the Grid” It was in fact no where near anything, so good job boys. This was the 1st Indy show I have been to in at least 6 or 7 years. And I can say, I was happy that we made the trip. The action from top to bottom was solid. A few matches were kinda poo poo, but its wrestling. The show was held in a Knights of Columbus building, where food and booze were served, so that of course made things interesting. They had a ring announcer, but no microphone, which gave it a very personal feeling. Maybe 50 fans, but they were rowdy fans. Lots of fun chants, and the wrestlers are out and about during the matches, giving the other wrestlers support, and talking to fans, which I thought was really cool. They didn’t have an actual ring bell, they had a sound clip of an old WWF video game ring bell, which was fucking great. The card had 10 matches, 8 of them were dynamite. It was the 1st time I got to see Drew Gulak wrestle live, and he lived up to the hype. Pinkie Sanchez was a riot, but got knocked out during his match with Dave Cole and they had to end it early. Our new buddy Jonny Mangue had a Dog Collar Match with the Pitboss that was pretty rough, the chain was a beast of a chain. The show opened with an awesome 6 man tag featuring Mikaza,Taka Suzuki and Elia Markgoulous against Chase Burnett, Maserati Rick and KJ Crush, which was a great way to open the show, but in my opinion the best match of the night, was Johnny CockStrong against Dan Barry. With a name like Johnny Cockstrong you knew it was going to be something great, but I don’t think anyone expected the reaction this match would get. Every time Cockstrong hit Barry, we chanted Dick, anytime Barry hit Cockstrong, we chanted Balls, the match was back and forth with some sick spots. Barry won, but the match was 5 stars easy, and stole the show.(Sorry Mangue) After the show we hung for a few and talked to a few guys, Gulak and Pinkie are going to be doing our podcast in the future. It was an awesome show overall, if you get a chance, check out Beyond Wrestling’s Off the Grid, you can find it at www.lookmanofans.com Can’t wait to take another road trip with these guys.


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