When Good Guys Go Bad, and Why Cena Doesn’t Need to Go Heel

Bruno. Steamboat. Hogan. Magnum. Backlund. Rich. Santana. You can keep naming faces until you turn blue. All of them stand for the good of the world. They bask in the cheers of the people and defend the honor of all that is righteous.

But all these great wrestlers have a dark side. Not really a heel side, but a human aspect. When the chips are down, when someone holds them back, they reach down into darkness, throwing caution to the wind at times, and strive to make things right again. Even if it means foresaking the rules, they were willing to turn the other cheek to restore order and exact vengeance. People love to see the good guys win, they love to see good conquer evil. It’s a natural human emotion. It’s why we love when superman defeats lex luthor, why rocky defeating Apollo resonates with the masses, why when magnum t.a. gets his hands on tully blanchard, you know he is out for blood. And therein lies the problem with Cena.

He talks about how he will rise above hate, that he’s better than the anger that takes over everyone else. But no one cares about rising above if there is no expression of anger. People who have been wronged don’t take it with a shit-eating grin. They get angry. They get loud in their promos. They either look angry, or serious, or even stoic. The key: they get emotional. And therein lies the problem with Cena. He’s too goofy. He brushes things off. He lets things slide. I beg for him to attack someone before the bell. I dream of the day he jumps someone on the way to the ring. Maybe actually chokes someone in the ropes. Get disqualified. Gimme something to get emotionally invested.

It just seems Cena misses the chance every single time. Even when he went for the peoples elbow, he looked like he was begging for a laugh. He had a huge chance with nexus and he blew that too. Same with Kane. Bottom line is until he let’s loose he’s never going to have a chance to connect with everyone.


  1. I recall a Saturday Night’s Main Event were Hogan was downright vicious in a match with Harley Race immediately after getting screwed out of ththe title by DiBiase and Andre. But that wasn’t anything new for Hogan which is why as boring and repetitive as he was, his character never changed. He was always about seeking revenge and beating people up who deserved it. That’s why even though you may have gotten tired of him, you still respected him because you knew he gave a ship about winning and was a real man when somebody threw down the gauntlet. Cent has teased it with Kane and The Rock but he keeps reverting back to being the pussy that fans who are real men can’t stand.

  2. I totally agree with all of this….BE MAD!!! Show emotion. The Rock just beat you after not being around for YEARS…and you’re okay with it? Cena is a robot. How can I invest emotion into someone that shows none…couldn’t he just do this: “Cena enters the ring no music in the middle of the first match, grabs a mic. “Well, this sucks…this sucks a lot. I just lost to the Rock. How does this happen? I’ll tell ya this much, Rock if you even look at me the wrong way I’m going to AA you so hard Rocky Johnson is gonna feel it. You’re still a part time guy who LEFT the WWE. I’m still here…and yeah I lost…but I won’t lose again. I dare anyone to prove me wrong!” ya know something like that…anything.

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