Tony’s Take on the PWS Supershow

I’m not going to be as harsh as my friends Matt and Eddie. I will say the first half of the show, Balls yakking all over ringside aside, was solid to awesome. The Zero Gravity match ruled the roost, and we saw a brain buster on the apron, it was sick. Tony Nese and Alex Reynolds put on an awesome match as well. Kevin Matthews and Eddie Kingston was a fun solid match as well. I didn’t catch all of the 6-way, but what I did see was all kinds of fun as well.

I had fun chatting up Matt Hardy at the meet and greet, and I gotta tell ya, after all I’ve read about the dude and all his recent troubles, he was looking great. So was Jerry Lynn. That guy must have a few bottles from the fountain of youth, he looks like he doesn’t age. I agree they could’ve done more with Fred Ottman, but the dude still looks good and even had a mini-Kevin Nash look about him. Shelly Martinez was nothing but cool, even when I would up chatting with her about podcast equipment, of all things. Sam Roberts continues to be all kinds of awesome. Sami Callihan was cool, Kevin Matthews was hysterical and awesome, don’t know why he isn’t in the WWE yet, honestly. Colt Cabana took time to chat with us, and I really hope Matt quits bugging him to be on the show 🙂 Jay Lethal was cool as well. And meeting Marty Jannetty was pretty rad. Do kids still use that word?

The second half started to fall apart a bit. Now being there from 6 to midnight was really rough, perhaps the second half could have done without the One Warrior Nation and the Sheik matches. Sheik’s match could have been better received if it were in the first half, but OWN was pretty rough. I did feel bad for the ladies in the semi main event spot, but it just seemed like the three didn’t mesh well. Altho that Spyra is pretty damn cute. And she took a stiff kick from Angelina Love.

The Powers of Pain match could have had a better ending, maybe with the champs getting DQ’d, but Pat Buck and John Silver did play their roles perfectly and told the right story, two smaller guys trying to outsmart the big guns and still having little to no success. And the POP did look fantastic, especially that beast the Warlord.

Sami, who was cool as shit, took on Colt in the main event, and it was a solid but short match. The story lines with Reality Check, meh, I didn’t need it, but if it advances stories for the next show, that’s cool.

I was more happy than disappointed, and the show could stand to lose an hour, but shit, for $20, I think I got my money’s worth.



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