The Truth About the WWE

I have been wanting to write this blog for a long time.  I just haven’t gotten around to doing it because I feared after writing it I may finally write myself off as a wrestling fan.  I am 34 years old.  My first memory of wrestling was watching Hulk Hogan wrestle on one of the old MSG shows.  When my dad told me the Hulk was on, I thought he was talking about the incredible Hulk so I wasn’t interested…until I saw him.  Image

This dude was larger than life, I was hooked!

Fast forward to 2008 or so when the John Cena thing REALLY started to get old.  Most fans HATED HIM…the crowd reactions were negative.  His wrestling was sloppy and rushed.  His punches are probably the worst punches a wrestler has EVER thrown.  And he really comes across as a goof on the mic with no real range of emotion.  YET…this is the new Hulk Hogan.  And honestly, he’s fucking GHETTO.


First off he’s white.  But he’s urban white I guess.  I HATE THIS.  His outfits are horrible…bright colors…he dresses like a 14 year old boy.  My girlfriend calls him a Man Child.  But kids love him and their stupid parents buy his stupid merchandise.  And why?  Because parents are stupid, and the whole entire culture that Cena represents has taken over America.  This mess…


is a factual representation of today’s youth.  And today’s youth are for the most part idiots.  The popular music is horrible, the popular shows on TV for the most part are horrible.  Anything that’s mainstream pop culture right now has NO SUBSTANCE…much like our friend John Cena.  However Vince, growing lazy in his old age and caring more about selling action figures than making his programming watchable…has stuck us with this guy.  And we are stuck with him until he either ends up like Edge or retires.  Which could be a LOOOOONG time.

And what is to blame for all of this?  The internet.  Everyone is connected…and if you’re a young person in the world striving to fit in…you take to the internet to see what EVERYONE else is doing.  And what happens?  Everyone starts dressing the same and listening to horrible music.  Cena appeals to kids these days because kids are robots that have ZERO INDIVIDUALISM.  Look at Cena, he is a walking talking human version of pop culture.

Now Vince isn’t an idiot all the time (He wanted Kane’s penis to be three feet long in that horror movie Kane did a few years back)  and THAT would have been amazing.  Vince is just coasting.  Instead of being an innovator, he has become a follower.  Vince USED to be a total jack ass and a pretty funny guy.


Vince isn’t a PG guy.  Vince is NOT a kid friendly person.  Vince is a businessman, and he does NOT CARE about wrestling.  He cares about money.  He stopped caring about wrestling as soon as he bought WCW.  I honestly think what fueled his passion for wrestling in the first place was his hatred towards Ted Turner over a business deal.

With that being said…that is why we have Cena.  Now…a few more things that piss me off.  Jim Ross, HHH, and others have always said that certain guys need to take the ball and run with it.  Guys that feel like they weren’t given an opportunity need to take that opportunity.  WHAT A LOAD OF BS.  The WWE is Vince’s vision.  Think of it this way…you’re a kid…you have action figures and you’re doing your own little wrestling promotion.  Your friends come over and start playing with your figures and they start using the guys that you don’t like.  Well hell they’re YOUR action figures and YOU do what YOU WANT…who cares what your friends want. So you take away the toys your friends like and FORCE them to play with the toys that YOU LIKE!  Well that’s WWE in a nut shell.  It’s Vince’s toy and he will use it however he wants.

So if you think WWE cares about fans, you’re an idiot.  WWE cares about making money and that is all.  Their product is horrible.  YOU HAVE TO CARE FOR THE CUSTOMER…and you can tell by the numbers that their customers are starting to find other ways to entertain themselves.

Wrestling will not be good again until someone pisses off Vince so bad that he has to prove a point.  Until then we’ll be stuck with this shit.  Getting frustrated when we see a great angle develop, only to be ruined a week later by shit head creative.  Getting angry when the YES chants are dubbed over on TV.  Throwing your root beer at the screen when guys they pay Five Million Dollars for lose their first match back.  WWE is full of bad decisions, horrible booking, and TERRIBLE writing.  But VINCE does not care.  And why?  Because he has this guy.


And as long as he has this guy, nothing will change.  The truth is this…the WWE is Cena.  ZERO thought or effort go into anything else.  So if you’re watching Raw and you see a glimpse of a good idea…trust me…the following week it will be ruined.  Wrestling will not change until Cena is gone, Vince is dead, or another promotion starts breathing down his neck.



  1. I know the author is “Shining Wizards Podcast” but this sounds an awful lot like that guy who comments on Tony’s blogs, Chris Flame.

    1. I missed that. (OHHHH….!)

      Seriously though, it’s as if the WWE listens to the crowd responses and says, “Oh you like the Nexus? FUCK YOU! You’re not getting the Nexus!” “Oh you like when CM Punk drops pipe bombs? FUCK YOU! You’re not getting the pipe bombs!” “Oh you like Zack Rider? FUCK YOU! We’re making him everyone’s bitch!” Oh you like Daniel Bryan? FUCK YOU! He’s gonna job at WrestleMania in 18 seconds!” “Oh you like Brodus Clay? FUCK YOU! We’re giving him a midget!”

      I understand that a company can’t bend to every whim and fancy of their consumers but when seventy thousand people are chanting “YES! YES! YES!” that’s hardly a passing fancy. But you know what the WWE said to that? They said, “Oh you like ti chant ‘Yes?’ FUCK YOU! We’re going to make you stop chanting ‘Yes!'”

      It’d be one thing if the alternative that they offered was consistently better than what the fans are asking for but instead, here’s what they do…”Oh you’re tired of HHH? FUCK YOU! You’re getting HHH!” “Oh you can’t stand John Cena? FUCK YOU! You’re getting John Cena!” “Oh you like those two Puerto Ricans and their sexy manager as tag champs and could care less about the Black Rockers? Well FUCK YOU! The Puerto Ricans are getting squashed and the Black Rockers are getting the belts!” “Oh you don’t give a shit about Big Show? FUCK YOU! We’re gonna cram every one of his four hundred pounds down your throats!”

      Seriously, the extent to which the WWE goes to NOT give their fans what they want may be unprecedented for any company anywhere EVER in the history of mankind!

      But like Eddie said, if parents are stupid enough to support this mess, why not?

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