The IPPV Game. ROH can learn from Gabe and Company.

So Tony wants me to write more Blogs. Well I finally have gotten the chance to write one for you kind folks. I can honestly say I didn’t sit in front of my computer tonight to write this Blog. No I sat down 90 minutes ago for the ROH IPPV Death Before Dishonor X “State of Emergency”. Well if I am writing a Blog, then I must not be watching the IPPV.

Let me go back to last weekend and we can all take the journey to tonight. So last Saturday I had the wonderful pleasure of having the worst stomach bug I have ever had. I threw up in about 20 different places, but that’s not the point of this little gem. With the girlfriend in Miami for the weekend it was just me and The Great Muta on the couch. Just then I got an email from DGUSA/Evolve reminding me of the Evolve/CZW IPPV doubleheader. AWESOME!!! I can put the garbage can next to the couch, and get to enjoy some IPPV for the 1st time ever.

So I went over to and checked out the situation. Evolve allows you to buy the IPPV 3 different ways. The price ranges from 14.99 to 24.99. And each viewing offers you extra’s and what not. I paid 24.99, and I got the Evolve 17 IPPV live feed, On Demand option anytime, and the DVD when it gets released. Not bad for 25 bucks. So I head over to the link and it starts like 3 minutes late, but the picture quality is perfect and the audio is awesome. The Show was amazing,Gabe Sapolsky and Evolve set the standard for wrestling IPPV. It was perfect.

So there is about a 40 minute break before the CZW show. Now I was very happy with the Evolve IPPV, so I figured the CZW IPPV should be great as well. Same building, same camera set up, all that jazz. So I order the IPPV and have time to kill. I ain’t feeling so hot, so I take a nap and wake up around 8:30 in a panic. Thinking I missed the first half hour of the show. Well to my surprise, I go to the link, and its a blank screen with a bunch of people cursing about the stream and what not. I jump on Twitter and learn from some friends that CZW is having an issue with the stream. So I didn’t miss anything. So I feel pretty good about that. So I sit and I wait for the IPPV to start. Finally around 9pm the show starts, and the quality is absolute horseshit. The Audio is awful, the video stream is choppy. I gave it 15 minutes, then get pissed off and turned the IPPV off and went to bed.

Fast Forward to tonight. I never really get a weekend off, so when I took off this weekend I had planned on doing something involving wrestling. Chikara was doing the King Of Trio’s Tournament over in Easton, about and hour from me. ECWA was holding the 45th Anniversary Show in Delaware. And ROH was having there IPPV. After driving down to Philly for a wedding Friday I didn’t really feel like going anywhere, especially after looking at the ROH Card. Recent Interview and friend of the show ACH was making his ROH Debut, and Mike Mondo was going after the TV Title. So this was an easy choice. Throw in Steen/Rhino and I was hooked. I went 1 for 2 last week on IPPV, so I was batting .500 I figured its ROH, they gotta know what they are doing. Even though I know they have had issues in the past. The card was to good to pass up.

So I get all set up for the IPPV. I go get some booze, set up the area around the computer all nice and get set to enjoy. 8:30 comes and the ROH website is down. So I once again head over to Twitter to see if anyone else is having an issue. I happen to come across a whole bunch of people who are having problems, including ROH Star Tommaso Ciampa. About an hour later, people still don’t have the stream and people are fucking pissed off. To top it off, whoever is running the ROH Twitter account is posting the results of the matches that we are missing. I understand you have fans who want to know the results, but you have to factor in the issues with the stream and the fact that in this day and age, people are gonna be all over Twitter and Facebook pissing and moaning about not getting a stream and finding out if anyone else is having those issues. So why would you post the results? I know its just someone’s job, but I am pissed. 15 Bucks isn’t all the money in the world, but I paid for this IPPV along with a bunch of other people, and we aren’t getting shit. So I am pissed off.

ROH is supposed to be the alternative to WWE and TNA. And there is a whole fan base out there looking for wrestling. Now you may not agree with the way these guys put on matches, or how they don’t always sell the big moves, but its so much better then what is on TV right now. So it blows my mind, that ROH is in a position to pick up wrestling fans who don’t wanna see John Cena every week, and they shit the bed. This isn’t the only time ROH has had issues with the IPPV feed. If this happened once, I would understand, but from what I got from this evening, it happens at every IPPV. So Jim I suggest you get off your ass and give Gabe a call. Put it behind you, and figure out what you need to do to run a successful IPPV, because you have it all in place. The Talent is there. The Stories are good. The price of an IPPV is 3 times less expensive then a WWE PPV, and 2 times less expensive then a TNA PPV. And to top it off you are owned by a Broadcast Company!!!

I love ROH and I want nothing but them to be successful, but you need to figure this shit out, cause its a fucking joke. I go on the podcast and praise the product, and this is the experience I have? People ordered this IPPV because I suggested it. Now I look like a bigger asshole then usual. Thanks ROH.

Finally got the stream working, just in time for the 2nd half of the IPPV. Until next time. Go Fuck Yourself

Shining Wizards Matt


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