Episode 404: Christmas with the Pizza Warrior

It’s the Shining Wizards and the Turnbuckle Throwbacks, together for some Christmas cheer and wrestling misery. First there’s some review of wrestling in 2018, then there’s some holiday cheer as they guys exchange gifts. Finally, there’s plenty of misery as the guys cover Starrcade 1998, where Jerry Flynn is in the semi main, Norman Smiley wiggles awfully against Prince Iaukea, and Kevin Nash ends the streak of Goldberg and becomes…

Episode 124: Legends of the Ring

The Wizards end 2013 with a presentation of Legends of the Ring, October 5, 2013. Happy New Year!

The Shining Throwbacks Episode 1

Phil Raia from Turnbuckle Throwbacks and Tony from the Shining Wizards put their heads together to create the ultimate 16 man elimination tournament pitting the men who defined the eras of the WWF. Part one takes you through the Round of 16. Available on both Turnbuckles and Awfulness and Shining Wizards. Shining Throwbacks Episode 1