Bowman Speaks!!!!!

OK ladies. This PWS fallout has gone on long enough. I am gonna set the record straight. Eddie and Tony DID NOT throw me under the bus. They DID NOT stab me in the back. They ARE NOT cowards or chicken shits. The 3 of us got together and discussed the fallout from the Blog that I posted.

Inducting the Horsemen

Next weekend, the Four Horsemen will be inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame. Rightfully so. And I read yesterday that the one and only American Dream, Dusty Rhodes, and not HHH and HBK, will be inducting them. Good call.

Wrestling Road Trip.

The 1st ever Shining Wizards road trip is over and done with, and what a trip it was. Myself, Eddie and our three other friends jumped into the car I rented, which I had rented to avoid everyone being on top of each other. Well the “SUV” they had, was a tight fit for all of us, so thanks a bunch Hertz, I don’t know what 5 people you think…

Bowman’s Blog Episode 1

My name is Matt, and I am a 30 year old man, an adult, who is in love with pro wrestling. I know its silly, people say its for kids, or they say,” don’t you know its fake?”. They ask if I like other men getting all oiled up and grabbing each other while wearing underwear. Well none of that has ever really been a factor to me. I was…

Episode 13: Pat Buck Stopped Here

Pat Buck, professional wrestler, owner of PWS, trainer at NYWC, fellow podcaster at, joins the Wizards with amazing stories of the wrestling business and the wrestling world. Oh, and Matt gets pissy about the Rumble. Don’t miss this episode! Episode 13