PWS Not So Super Show

I want to take this time to say I am sorry to Tony, Eddie, Kevin, Dave, and anyone else who took the trip to Rahway this past Friday to see the PWS Super Show. On paper it was a killer line-up. The Powers of Pain, Sami Callihan, Marty Jannetty, Colt Cabana, Jerry Lynn, Matt Hardy, Sid, Amazing Red, Balls Mahoney, AR Fox, Shockmaster, Abdullah The Butcher and “PrimeTime” Sam Roberts.

I had to work, so I missed the 1st 3 and a half hours of the show. I missed the 6-8 Autograph session, and a couple of pretty decent matches from what I am told, and Balls Mahoney vomiting all over ringside. Now I had assumed that I was gonna miss a lot of matches, but I was really excited to see Sami Callihan and Colt Cabana, and as long as I got to see that I was gonna he happy. I walked into the Rahway Rec Center and was very happy to see the turn out. I would guess about 800 fans had shown up for this show, and that made me really happy for Pat Buck. This was Pat’s first hand at promoting a show, and he was quite frank on the podcast, that if it didn’t sell, everyone who had gone to the show, would get to see him kill himself. So I was happy for Pat. As I walked in, I was surprised to see Matt Hardy in the ring, I assumed he was gonna be in the Main Event against Sid. Well as I found the boys, I was bought up to speed on what I missed. Sid no showed, and Pat Buck gave out his cell phone number, so we are gonna try and call him on Thursday. Eddie and Tony knocked it out of the park, promoting the show, giving wrestlers our cards and having some pretty awesome conversations with them. I was also informed that I hadn’t missed intermission yet. I was happy to see that since Sid hadn’t shown up, we would be treated to Jay Lethal vs Matt Hardy. Jay came to the ring, and did everything Sid would have done, and even cut a Sid-like promo. But I wouldn’t know cause you couldn’t hear shit, the sound system was garbage. I thought, a shit sound system isn’t so bad, I came to see some wrasslin anyways, I don’t care what these guys have to say. They followed up this match with an awesome 6 way match featuring Gran Akuma, Amazing Red, and AR Fox, i didn’t catch the names of the other 3 dudes, I was in line getting a cheeseburger, and annoying the lady behind the counter cause Sami Callihan needed a coffee.
The 6 way match was amazing, and the 2nd best match I saw of the night. So after the 6 way match, we get intermission.

So Tony, Eddie and myself took about walking around the Rec Center looking for Jay Lethal who told Eddie earlier that we could interview him that night, which would have been cool, but we couldn’t find him. I am sure he was busy, so it wasn’t a big deal. We did take a minute to find Sam Roberts of Opie and Anthony fame and introduce ourselves to him and personally thank him for being a guest on the podcast, he was cool as fuck. Thanks Sam.

After Intermission the whole night seemed to take a turn for the worst. Coming out of the break we were treated to the One Warrior Nation. Now if you don’t know who this guy is, YouTube it now. Done laughing? Ok good, this clown came to the ring with a replica WCW Heavyweight Championship Belt, well when he got in the ring, the Face Plate fell off in the middle of the ring when he dropped his belt trying to do his best Ultimate Warrior running the ropes thing. The match was terrible, and I couldn’t wrap my head around the fact that this dude was on this show. Next up was the Powers of Pain against the Lone Rangers. Warlord is a monster, and I was actually afraid to yell anything at him. The match was OK, Barbarian beat the shit out of John Silver, and powerbombed him 3 times. Did I mention this match was for the PWS Tag Titles? Well the Lone Rangers were the champs and they were defending. So you would think, the Powers of Pain, they want to taste gold again, granted its not WWF gold, but gold is gold right? Well then I didn’t understand why the Barbarian kicked the Ref right in the grill. Yes they are monsters. Yes there was no way they were gonna get pinned to the mat. Yes I know wrestling is scripted and it wouldn’t make sense to have “outsiders” win the company’s tag straps. But the Powers of Pain have been in this game for a long time, couldn’t they have used a chair to get the DQ. It would show them as beast’s with no remorse for there opponents, but you kicked the ref in the face. That’s something that a heel does to get a no contest or DQ’ed because they can’t beat the faces. It made my brain hurt.

Now after the Powers of Pain match i happened to look at my watch, and it was 11pm. We still had 4 matches left. No way this was going past midnight. That would mean that Eddie, Tony, Kevin and most of the people at the show would have been there for 6 hours!!! WHAT? Well they followed up the Powers of Pain with Jerry Lynn vs Dan Maff. I was a little bummed cause it was supposed to be Davey Richards, but he was in Japan. So I went to get a soda, and some snacks for the boys. Well I missed Dan Maff getting injured, and that ended the match early, and cause maybe a 10 minute delay. Dan Maff, hope your doing better buddy. Its been a pretty wild adventure, and I have only been at this show for 2 hours. Next up, the Sheik(not the original or the Iron) against some dude who’s name I couldn’t hear cause the speakers sucked and the ring announcer speaks like me on the podcast, tons of mumbles. Well this is a hardcore match, and it was about 25 minutes too long. The Sheik was supposed to have Abdullah the Butcher in his corner, but good ole Hep C man was sitting in the same seat all night. That didn’t stop me from screaming about Abdullah having Hep C. I knew he wasn’t getting off his fat ass, so I was good. We started an “End this Match” chant cause it went on for way to long. We noticed that our chant bought Pat Buck out from behind the curtain, and he quickly sent a security guard to the ring to tell the Ref to get these guys to wrap it up. Well that took another 5 minutes, and an awesome fire throwing spot was wasted cause the match was way to long. Its 1145, and we still have 2 matches? No way they make us watch the 3 way chick match. Oh wait, egg on my face, cause here comes the ladies. Before the ladies, we get the Godfather, and he talks about the hoe train and all that shit, and its funny, cause I can hear him loud and clear, maybe its not the sound system, but the ass bag ring announcer. Shelly Martinez and some TNA hooker come out. Shelly is the guest Ref and best part of the match, cause everytime she went to count the pin, you could see her ass, and it was enjoyable. The match, was pure shit, I don’t know why you would book this match before the Main Event. Please tell me. Finally, after midnight, we get Colt/Sami. These guys are pro’s and put on a great match in maybe 8 minutes. Eddie was thrilled it was over, and I don’t blame him, he was at this show for 6 hours. Even without the autograph singings, this show was 4 hours long, and thats way to long. How can you expect people to sit for 4 hours? I felt terrible for Sami and Colt, these guys are the top 2 Indy guys, and they could have put on an awesome show, but they got shafted. And the fans got shafted out of seeing 2 guys who are the future of wrestling.

This is a long blog, and I am sorry to waste your time. I mean no disrespect to Pat Buck, I consider him a friend of the Shining Wizards, and I hope I am not starting any nonsense. No Shows and injury’s are part of the wrestling world, and I don’t fault anyone for Sid not showing up or Balls vomiting all over the outside of the ring. I do however feel like someone has to take the blame for the show being over 4 hours long and making us sit through the One Warrior Nation. I see the PWS facebook page, and people are saying the show was awesome. I can agree in certain aspects, but as a whole, I felt ripped off. I should know better, I have been going to Indy shows for years, and I know what to expect, but I was sold on PWS. Like the 80’s hair band Cinderella once said,”The More things change, the more they stay the same”. And that perfectly describes the Indy wrestling scene.

Shining Wizards Matt


  1. I think match order had a lot to do with it. We didn’t need to see Jannetty and Balls or the One Warrior Nation. Some Matches that were on the way towards being great were super short, and others were just painfully long. I enjoyed the Powers of Pain match, it reminded me so much of something I would see on Superstars back in the day. However, the ending was just stupid. The sound system was garbage and I think Matt only understood the Godfather because the Godfather said the same thing he used to say every week 14 years ago or so. Probably more memory than anything else. I also believe most of this crowd was a casual fan base crowd, so running an angle (especially over a sound system that was trash) was boring to most people. It was a shame that soooo many people left before the main event. And by the time the main event did roll around, I had to piss and I missed it because it was honestly a couple minutes long. I also don’t think seeing a heel Jay Lethal and Red is a good idea. These are the people that get good face reactions. Keep the angles on the smaller shows for your fan base and on the big name shows with a casual crowd…keep the legend matches short, don’t over book, don’t run an angle, keep the show under 2 and a half hours, and work on the order of the matches better. Kevin Matthews is a star however and I hope he sticks around. And jesus why wasn’t shock master used more!!!??? I’ll go back in May…but I’m bringing some whiskey in a jar

  2. Re-read this blog for the heck of it and just noticed that “Hepatitis C” and “Kamala” were tagged.

    You’re right Eddie, you’re comment was much harsher. Seems like there was only one Dude With a Vagina in this whole situation. But he shall remain nameless lest the shit get stirred up again.

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