Fallout from WrestleMania! by Tony Z

Welp, since I’m most likely not going to be on the show this week (Matt is actually stepping up from his normal web surfing and informational duties to production, give him hate mail if he sucks), I figured hey, we have a blog, why not let my thoughts be known about WrestleMania.

WrestleMania Pre-Show LIVE Podcast!

You read that right, join us on Sunday at 5PM EDT for a live version of the Shining Wizards Podcast. Eddie, Tony, and Matt will be joined in the studio by Dave “Mega” Powers and “Grandmaster B” Anthony Lombardi for some WrestleMania discussion and inappropriate language. And we will be calling a few lucky people during the show. Why? Because it’s a party, and you’re all invited!!! Look here for…

Bowman Speaks!!!!!

OK ladies. This PWS fallout has gone on long enough. I am gonna set the record straight. Eddie and Tony DID NOT throw me under the bus. They DID NOT stab me in the back. They ARE NOT cowards or chicken shits. The 3 of us got together and discussed the fallout from the Blog that I posted.

Inducting the Horsemen

Next weekend, the Four Horsemen will be inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame. Rightfully so. And I read yesterday that the one and only American Dream, Dusty Rhodes, and not HHH and HBK, will be inducting them. Good call.

Sorry (again)

I was hoping to have a great conversation with my good pal Vicious Vin this evening. I was looking forward to us going back and forth for hours on end talking some wrestling. Unfortunately, my father in law, who has been fighting for the past three weeks to stay alive, died last night. While I was hopeful that I would have some time tonight to take my mind off things,…

Working on the next show and a special surprise

So Matt is most likely unavailable until Thursday. Eddie is away for the weekend. But fear not! I spoke to my dear, dear friend, Vicious Vin, and he has agreed to have a one on one with yours truly. We’re working it out for this Sunday night. While it won’t be a new episode proper, I do feel badly that we didn’t have a regular show last night. So long…