Is It Time for Brock to Take Over? by Tony Z

So Brock gives his valuable soundbytes last night. Cena only stepped in because Brock left. Brock isn’t an entertainer. He’s an ass kicker. Well, all this may be true. But it’s all seeming like a rehash of the Rock. Didn’t Cena call Rocky out for taking off, while he stood around and led the ship? It would all not be so bad if the Rock lost to Cena. But alas,…

Tired, Bored, and Sad by Tony Z

Sitting here exhausted today. Happy that there’s been huuuuuge increases in listenership the past two weeks. Still not happy that Cena was smiling like a goon when he slapped Brock Lesnar. Can’t have everything, I guess. Oh, and the Bellas gave notice. End of the month and end of the line. I’m very sad.

Fallout from WrestleMania! by Tony Z

Welp, since I’m most likely not going to be on the show this week (Matt is actually stepping up from his normal web surfing and informational duties to production, give him hate mail if he sucks), I figured hey, we have a blog, why not let my thoughts be known about WrestleMania.

WrestleMania Pre-Show LIVE Podcast!

You read that right, join us on Sunday at 5PM EDT for a live version of the Shining Wizards Podcast. Eddie, Tony, and Matt will be joined in the studio by Dave “Mega” Powers and “Grandmaster B” Anthony Lombardi for some WrestleMania discussion and inappropriate language. And we will be calling a few lucky people during the show. Why? Because it’s a party, and you’re all invited!!! Look here for…