It’s a beautiful Wednesday in the ‘burbs

And I’m most disappointed that my son is going to daycare and NOT to the park with his dad, but some things have to get done today. But here’s some things that popped in the past 2 days that I need to keep fresh for the show this week.

Vince is trying to convince us there’s real heat between the Rock and John Cena. Yeah.

Paul Orndorff beat cancer. Although he now sounds like a pre-pube Peter Brady, it’s good to still have an awesome guy like Mr. Wonderful with us.

Eric Young and ODB are your Knockouts Tag Champs. Yeah.

Funkasaurus is back! So is Word Life.

And apparently, WrestleMania moved to April 21st. Shhhh.

Now it’s time to be out and about. Go out and enjoy the day. And tune in tomorrow night!


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