Is It Time for Brock to Take Over? by Tony Z

So Brock gives his valuable soundbytes last night. Cena only stepped in because Brock left. Brock isn’t an entertainer. He’s an ass kicker. Well, all this may be true. But it’s all seeming like a rehash of the Rock.

Didn’t Cena call Rocky out for taking off, while he stood around and led the ship? It would all not be so bad if the Rock lost to Cena. But alas, he didn’t. So now, a loser like Cena is becoming fodder for another returning star.

The thing that makes this different? Brock doesn’t like to talk. He doesn’t like to sing. And while he is quite the dancer (youtube his mariachi celebration) he’d rather lead with his fists. I’m actually liking the Brock thing. I just hope it’s more interesting than the Rock feud.

And I still hope that Cena shows some emotion.

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  1. I totally agree. Although for not being a talker, Brock cut a neck of a compelling promo last night. It wasn’t live so that part sucked but it sold the angle: Brock’s a legit fighter; Cena’s a “sports entertainer”. I really don’t know where they’re going with this, jobbing Cena out to returning stars but I can’t see them going away from him. He was still the main event vs. Tensai of all people whereas CM Punk’s title match against Mark Henry was the opener. My only guess is, fans get tired of a guy when he’s on top for too long. But they’ll get behind an underdog who is climbing the ladder. Maybe they’re trying to tear Cena down so they can build him back up in the hopes that fans will get behind him again.

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