I’m Not Going Out of My Way to Watch Raw by Tony Z

Two weeks ago, I made the decision to not watch the overrun on Raw anymore. I’d like to think that a corporation like WWE can figure out how to budget a show so it ends at a normal time, like 11:00. And I don’t buy that they care so much about overrunning to pull in viewers from other shows. Back during the Monday Night wars, I could understand that wanting to win in the ratings was a big deal. Is it still? Yes, but whats the point of an overrun? To milk a few bucks more out of advertisers?

Here’s a tip: give me a product that I look forward to watching. Maybe more people will tune in that way. Make what’s worth catching part of the show I’m investing two hours in and not the overrun. You can’t even dvr the show because no one knows when it’s going to end.

I’m happy that Brock is back. But he came on after 11, so I didn’t see it.

I’m not about to try watching 2 hours of a show that’s not going to pay off until 11:15. I will probably tune in and out to catch what I really want to see, but if WWE wants me to see what happens in the overrun, either air it earlier or make me wait until it’s posted online the next day. Which, ultimately, defeats the purpose of sticking around in the first place.

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