How Far Have We Come?

It was Thanksgiving 2011 when Eddie, Matt, and I had our first show. We had planned on doing the show together, in the same room, just three guys talking about wrestling. But on that first night, we started over Skype. To be honest (and despite starting in different places), the simple idea worked. It was friends doing what they always did. Except now, it would be recorded. I mean, if we found it interesting and entertaining, maybe others would, too.

But the show would become more than just three friends talking about wrestling. It would become a place where the up and coming independent stars could get face time and talk about themselves. It became a place where the few listeners we had could watch matches along with us and laugh and mock what we watched. It became a place where the stars could be free to say what they’ve always wanted to say bout couldn’t. And it also became a place where wrestlers could be caught in lies.

The show has brought together many others from the podcasting world. Good people that share the same passion for the business that we do. People from north of the border, across the pond, on the other side of the world, and even Staten Island. Yes, this little show that spun from something so generic as a conversation about a pretend sport has grown exponentially.

Now, almost eighteen months later, we stand on the verge of a weekend filled with live shows, hundreds of wrestlers from past and present (as well as the stars of the future), and, at least for Matt and me, a first WrestleMania. Our year-long plan is going to be realized; our number one fan, Daniel Lopez, will be joining us all the way from Yuma, Arizona, based on Matt’s idea to do something nice for someone who supported us from day one. Eight months ago, I thought it would be a wonderful idea to toss our name into the foray that would be WrestleCon. Now, over one hundred wrestlers and about 50 vendors later, we will be right there, front and center, for perhaps the biggest gathering of wrestlers ever. To boot, four of them will be there as our guests. Several months ago, we worked together with Eric Tapout and managed to secure a place at Pro Wrestling Syndicate’s Super Card, doing a live show during the biggest weekend in wrestling. Even more than that, John Morrison, the Shaman of Sexy, is slated to be our guest for the meet and greet. It’s amazing that in such a short time, we’ve come so far. We truly have been blessed.

So where does that take us now? It takes us to Metuchen tomorrow night for a huge show with PWS; a place to see some great wrestling and meet some great people that have been supporting us. It takes us to Secaucus for WrestleCon; right in the center of some of the greatest talent from all eras and all areas of the business. It takes us to the Granddaddy of them all, WrestleMania 29. And, of course, it takes us beyond; back to the studio, doing what we love to do. Three guys doing some wrestling talk… and talk about wrestling. Thanks for supporting us. Hope you’ve enjoyed the ride so far. ‘Cause we have.

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  1. Was listening to my “debut” episode, Episode 13 with Kevin Garifo just to get myself ready. We’re on the freeway as I type this. I’ve tried other podcasts and can say with all honesty, none compare to the Uncrowned Kings of Podcasting, the Shining Wizards!

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