Great Timing, Life.

I understand a lot of people are interested in our take on the whole “Matt’s Review of PWS” thing and believe me, there’s much to talk about.

Despite this, one of the reasons the theater episode aired a few weeks ago was because there were a few personal issues in my life that all happened to occur at the same time, two of which were very severe. And while one has all but cleared up and had a happy ending, unfortunately the other one has taken another turn for the worse. As you guys know, I’m not the emo type, and I don’t like looking to things like Facebook for people to keep me in their prayers or send positive vibes to my way. However, I felt that even a shitty explanation on a blog page is better than “hey, no show tonight,” especially considering what’s happened.

So again, while there is plenty to talk about (and we’ll talk about it soon enough), tonight is, at this point, not going to happen. And if I feel the need to take my mind off things (and if I have time), I’ll blog about the situation later.

Thanks for understanding, and keep supporting us.


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