Fallout from WrestleMania! by Tony Z

Welp, since I’m most likely not going to be on the show this week (Matt is actually stepping up from his normal web surfing and informational duties to production, give him hate mail if he sucks), I figured hey, we have a blog, why not let my thoughts be known about WrestleMania.

Daniel Bryan was crazy over! Did you hear the cheers? Well, it didn’t matter much, because after a Brogue kick and a three count we have a new World Champion. 18 seconds, and getting to see Sheamus and Bryan have a great match was sacrificed to the gods of making history.

Women’s match? For once, I agree with Matt, waste of time, and Maria whats-her-name looked like she shit herself.

Kane wins? Good, that’ll teach AWOL Orton to try and be a Marine in the movies! Not a great match, cool ending.

Cody Rhodes loses the IC belt to Big Show. I guess they didn’t forget about that belt. And Show gets his WrestleMania moment. Good for him, he deserved it. Okay match.

HHH and the UT, with Shawn. I get it, they’re all old. They needed a great story. They told one. But really, there were several times the UT looked like a pussy. Didn’t sit right with me. And they all tried to kill each other except they didn’t really use the cell. Kinda disappointing. Maybe I’d rate it better than the first one but it wasn’t a fantastic match. Good enough. Nice to see them Kliq it on the way out.

Team Dipshit beat Team Black Guy That Dances As Whitely As Mike Tyson because Eve is a whore and Zack Ryder is an idiot. There’s a song called the Lonsome Loser, Zack should change his entrance to that. The only other noteworthy note is that Booker got to play Brother in Peril. Yeah, they needed HIM to sell properly, i guess, because none of the other sausages could have done that. And I think Miz is STILL undefeated at WrestleMania. Beat THAT!

Punk and Jericho had a great match, lots of cool spots and reversals, easily the match of the night, and I’m not saying that to be a cool IWC darling, either. Say what you will about Jericho, the guy can still go.

Somebody called momma, cause she brought the bridge club. Great moment, I loved it.

What I didn’t love is the special entrance themes for Rock and Cena. Garbage. As was the bumping in this match. I read some reviews that said Rock was gassed. Don’t remember if that seemed to be the case, but both guys seemed to be in slow motion. I just wish that Cena would take things a little more seriously. Maybe then people would take him more seriously. Could he maybe sell the fact that the match was as important as the story line made it out to be? Here’s a tip: STOP GRINNING! You all know I love Cena, but MAN is it getting harder to defend him.

I was feeling nostalgic for maybe Rock doing an FU or Cena doing a Rock Bottom, but man, I was surprised that Rock won with the final sequence stopping the People’s Elbow into the Rock Bottom. But the match didn’t live up to the hype for me.

I had a great time watching the show, and I had a blast doing the podcast, but that was more from the company I kept that day than the show itself.

I’ll go to the show next year because it’s in my backyard (I wish, but you get what I mean), but I’ll be watching from the nosebleeds and probably beating the traffic, if I’m not stuck in snow on Route 3.


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  1. Dude, whenever Rock bumped or Cena would pick him up he looked like he weighed 500 pounds! He really bulked up since the Survivor Series and I remember thinking during the match that he might’ve blown up.

    And somebody explain how Maria Menudo pinning the Divas Champion helps the WWE AT ALL! Seriously, the heels in this company need to pull a Roddy Piper and just say NO!

    I also agree that the ending to Rock-Cena seemed a little abrupt. Rock kicks out of two AA’s and sits in the STF for twenty minutes without tapping but Cena gets pinned after only the second Rock Bottom after being on the offense for most of the match? Lame.

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