Episode 48: Scotty Flocking Riggs

Scotty Riggs joins the Wizards to talk RVD, the Flock, golfing with Scott Norton, and, yes, the American Males.

Episode 48

Some highlights:

On the American Males getting heat:

Marcus had heat on him from Stars and Stripes, and also with 2 Cold Scorpio. Marcus has always been an A-1 personality. We always called him American Male number one, he was always worried about himself. It was a good thing, but it was a bad thing. People took it as egotistical because he took care of himself, he worked out, he was particular about his haircut. So he ran with it. Then, when you become Sting’s best friend and you travel with one of the top guys in the company, you’re gonna catch heat. So when I came in, Marcus and I were partners, then on the second Nitro, Lex came in. So just by a culmination of events, we began to travel together, work out together, party together, everything. We were like a Four Horsemen, but we never played it on tv; it was our personal lives. We learned a lot from those guys.

On working with Ric Flair during World War 3:

Ric sticks me in the corner, punches me, next thing you know he lights me up with a chop. One of those good ‘ol youthful Ric Flair chops. He goes “that’s for Sting.” And I was like “What?” Then he gets me in that side-headlock face punch, gives me another chop, just as hard if not harder, says “that’s for Lex.” And again, another face punch, and another chop and says “that’s for Bagwell.” They (Luger, Sting, and Buff) got in his ear and said “When you’re in the ring Scotty, stick him in the corner, and chop ’em for us.” On a big pay-per-view, in the middle of a battle royal, Ric takes the time to pull a rib on me.

On the product now being more about production than having fun:

It’s all production, which is good in one sense, but you just don’t have that freedom. You’re trying to get a reaction instead of getting one. There’s a difference. The only guys having fun are guys like HHH, or Jericho, older guys, or guys like Punk who know what they’re doing. You can tell when they’re having fun, they can suspend disbelief. A lot of other guys are going through the motions, portraying wrestlers on a TV show. They’re all celebrities, they’re all superstars. The mindset is “I’m not a wrestler, I’m a superstar.” They don’t listen to the crowd. They don’t experiment.

On the differences between the crowds for WWE and TNA:

Even the people in the live (WWE) audience are interested in holding up signs or taking pictures. They’re there for the entrances and the finishes, not the matches. You watch a TNA show, it may be a smaller crowd, but even at other venues they’re working the cameras. But they still work the crowd. Vince’s thing is “I’m a TV show.” That’s what he’s worried about.

On heels not being “convincing”:

Everything is getting so pretty. I look at the Miz, when he puts that mad look on his face, I laugh. I remember when I was a kid, when Ole Anderson, or Blackjack Mulligan, a big heel, even a Tully Blanchard. I would be scared; like that guy looks like he could hurt me. I look at the Miz; he’s not intimidating at all. Half the fans could probably beat that guy up. He’s a good-sized kid; they’re tough, but not threatening. If you’re gonna be a heel, you need to be threatening. You wanna be booed. If I was a little bit younger, I’d love one last run and say “let me be a heel.” Be mean, be vicious, and want no one to like me. Do everything to get people to hate me. I wouldn’t sign autographs or take pictures. I learned that from Dusty Rhodes and Barry Windham. When you’re a heel, you don’t want to be liked.

On the American Males attracting a gay audience:

The funny thing is, I didn’t have that idea even back then because it was getting chicks left and right, it was an easy thing for me and Marcus. I found out years after that from doing an interview with Highspots, they asked if I knew how popular we were in the gay community. I had no idea about it; I didn’t think about it. I actually found out we were very popular. Any good looking guy, look at Shawn Michaels, very popular in the gay community. And he liked to push that button, one of the things he liked, to push that envelope. That’s why he did Playgirl. Girls don’t look at Playgirl, guys do. But we didn’t think of it back then.

Listen for more, including the origins of the American Males gimmick and theme song, how Eric Bischoff was collecting three paychecks in WCW, comparisons between the WCW and ECW locker room, how Larry Zbyszko is an emotional golfer, the club scene in Germany, Lex Luger’s ability to determine sugar content in drinks, the introverted side of Scott Steiner, and whether he liked the Flock or the American Males better.

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