Episode 326: Wizards Get Gotz!

Studio B is the place, Gino Gotz is in your face. Kevin, Eddie and Matt have a long overdue reunion and are joined by Gino Gotz of the Taboo Crew. We cover the last few weeks of wrestling in about 30 minutes, including the Lio Rush/Joey Janela no sell, Darius Carter being dangerous and indie wrestling in general. We talk a little about Raw, then we are joined by House of Glory’s very own Brian XL. We talk about High Intensity 6 and the success that HOG is having. Matt can’t believe that Gino never channel surfed and watched WCW. We call the Stallion and he goes off for about 15 minutes, then we jump into Smash Wrestling with Sebastian Suave. We cover SummerSlam, Ric Flair, Action Figures and so much more. Its a long episode, but its a good one.

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