Episode 29: Gulak Attack!

Drew Gulak joins Eddie and Tony to discuss his upcoming no rope barbed wire death match for CZW against his nemesis Danny Havoc. And they discuss cheesesteaks.

Episode 29

Some highlights:

On how his match with Danny Havoc fits into his plan for a better Combat Zone:

I think I need to put him down, and open his eyes first and foremost. The easiest way to do that is to beat him at his own game. He hit me in the head with a barbed wire bat. You know what that feels like? It was bullshit. I was really pissed off.

On the history of the match:

One of our prestigious wrestlers, Nick Gage, he decided to rob a bank, right in the middle of our program. So I went on Twitter and pointed it out. I wanted to bring it to people’s attention. People gloss over the bullshit. “Oh, it’s no big deal, he’s a drug user, get behind him and support him. He’s really going through a hard time.” In the meantime, you’re supporting these guys and enabling them to live this lifestyle. It’s just not getting us anywhere as a company, except negative exposure.

On the involvement of Danny Havoc:

So I put on his attire, I guess he didn’t take it to jail with him, and I went to the ring, it was a good time, and in the back, Danny Havoc took offense to it, and he’s supposed to be my friend.

On people who continue to support Nick Gage:

Nick Gage was a hero, that’s the thing. He threatened a girl’s life. Imagine you’re a father and you hear your daughter was threatened by some crazy looking dude in a mask, and what, you think he doesn’t deserve to be in jail? That’s insane. I mean, even one of the referees decided it would be fun to raise money for him while he’s in prison. Raise money for the guy who tried to raise money for himself by threatening a woman’s life, then blowing it all in Atlantic City.

On the state of Combat Zone Wrestling:

The stuff we have to put up with because of policits, or not wanting to offend people in certain ways, it’s such bullshit. I’m pretty much sick and tired of it. And I think that’s what is eating our company apart. The people running CZW spend so much time putting up with shit like this but they’re not focusing on the things they should be focusing on. That’s what I care about.

On why he’s facing Danny Havoc in a no rope barbed wire death match and not a traditional match:

It’s not going against my beliefs, that’s the thing. It’s escalated to a point where I have to do something about it. Danny Havoc and the locker room don’t think I know what’s in store. They forget I’ve been around this company for the past decade. I know exactly what it’s going to be like. I’m more than prepared for this match. Push comes to shove, you’re going to get hurt in the wrestling business.

Words for Danny Havoc:

I think he’s making the biggest mistake of his life.

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