Episode 287: Spitballin’ Down the Rabbit Hole

Next week is the official 5th Anniversary Celebration for the boys, but on this night, two days shy of the night that started it all five years ago, Tony, Eddie, and Matt kick it real old school with plenty of wrestling talk. Lots of great stories and jokes, plus anger at unexpected sources, and did Goldberg destroy Brock Lesnar, or what? There’s fallout from Survivor Series, Tony bores everyone with his man-boner about meeting Bruno Sammartino and Del Wilkes, Eddie throws Kevin under the bus and tells more tales of WrestlePro, and Matt has plenty of hatred for a particular WWE commentator. Dare I say that they’re all happy with the current product? Plus some names are dropped as wishful future guests and people that they’re seeing big things for in the future. Don’t forget to join them live next week at Egan’s, but don’t miss this week’s episode, either!

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