Episode 28: Extremely Incredible

The Wizards talk with PJ Polaco aka Justin Credible about his career and the upcoming Extreme Reunion. And Matt brings another list to the show.

Episode 28


These were some of the excerpts from the interview with Justin Credible.

SW:” What advice would you have for younger athletes to keep them out of trouble? ”
PJ:” I think the culture of the business really has changed. And quite frankly back then the reason a lot of the guys went towards, they were using performance-enhancing steroids, and using painkillers and stuff really was because they had too. We were wrestling 300 plus days a year. I remember being on tours 25-30 days straight, without coming home, wrestling every night, sometime twice on sundays. You do a matinee and drive to the next town and do an evening show. They drive us into the ground. Nowadays the schedule is a lot lighter. It’s just a lot different. Vince is a lot more conscious of that. Back then, it was the wild west days, we were drunk or on drugs all the time. You had to do it to make it through, body wise we were all hurting bad, and you know, it just became real problematic and when you roll that hard of course you’re gonna have addiction and all other kinds of problems. Emotionally, mentally, physically, I just think some guys can handle it better than others. ”

SW:”You take guys like Scott Hall and Jake the Snake, these are guys that have great minds for the business.”
PJ: “Tremendous minds for the business, Scott is one of my best friends in the business. He is one of the smartest guys I have ever met as far as pro wrestling, the business end of it. Scott’s just always had his issues, and you know, unfortunately he is still in a bad place and it breaks my heart. He’s a great guy. ”

SW: “People Like Scott Hall who suffer from the disease of addiction, and things like that, they will change their lives when they whole-heartedly feel like doing it, and no one can push them to do it. ”
PJ: “I hope I am wrong, I don’t see Scott getting to that point. I unfortunately know Scott to well and I just think, you know, he is never gonna find that place. I think Scott is happiest when he is in the wrestling business and I think right now he has a real hole in his life and I think he is missing that, and I hope he finds it again, that happiness and that passion.”

SW: “We do too, you never wanna see anyone in that kind of condition”
PJ: “No not at all. I mean hell, I had my problems with addiction , not as well documented. I went through WWE sponsored rehab a couple of years ago, turned my life around, but its still a struggle for me everyday. I am thankful that it never reached those levels, and addiction is addiction and it doesn’t make it any different. It’s a real, unfortunately, a lot of us are a product of the times, just some guys handled it better then others and seeked out help, and others have not. Luckily the younger guys have learned from the car crash and the car wreck that it was and it’s definitely changed, and you know, not even a quarter of the guys out there, today are you know, most are straight edge and its very encouraging.”

We hope Justin Credible is doing better.

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