Episode 267: Diamond Dallas Page feat. Draft Time

This amazing episode features the one and only Diamond Dallas Page. He discusses how Jake “The Snake” Roberts came to live with him during the filming of the documentary, the DDP Performance Center and the new DDPY Now app, and plenty of inspirational stories about his career and the lives of those he inspired. We also get to hear an awesome Dusty Rhodes impression as well as what he had for dinner.
There’s also a call from Donald Brower, owner of the UPWA to talk about this weekend’s Summer Showdown. Louie Ramos joined us to discuss his continuing wrestling career and this weekend’s Survival of the Sickest Tournament. Plus, for the first ever, the Shining Wizards WWE Draft, aka DRAFT TIME, pitting Kevin’s Raw against Eddei’s Smackdown goes down. Action packed doesn’t begin to describe this episode!

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