Eddie and Tony at Extreme Reunion

EDIT: It turns out that Justin Credible was in no condition to work that night. We hope he is doing better.

Click here for Episode 28 and to read some excerpts from our interview with Justin just a few weeks ago.

Well, after enjoying some fine cheesesteaks at Steve’s Prince of Steaks in North Philly, Eddie and I made our way to the National Guard Armory. Waited on line for 40 minutes and took part in some funny chants (and the doors opened at 6:30), and then we found out our tickets that were supposed to be at will call weren’t there. After waiting another 30 minutes to work it out we got two tickets for GA for $40 and awesome seats about 7 rows back. So the ticket people did us right. On with the show!

Well, not yet. 7:45 and still waiting. Ugh, I hate this shit. Eddie and I are playing fat to skinny ratio with the crowd. I guess 80% fat.

And there’s no audio. So we got to see the old ECW TV intro and a Shane Douglas promo with no sound. Ugh.

So the opening was BLKOUT vs two masked guys. They were awesome, even turning a blown spot into something amazing. Ruckus went for a top rope moonsault and got caught in a rollup by one of the masked guys. Solid little opener.

Two bald guys and an Asian guy came out and yelled a lot. But the meathead that tried to talk on the mic (which no one understood) got his ass handed to him by the other meathead, and the asian guy ran away. It stunk. No one heard a thing.

A bit with Joel Gertner really went nowhere.

FBI vs BWO. Inchworm Rodman is the third for BWO, and no Tracy Smothers. So it becomes 2 on 2 anyway.

Funny spots included thumb wrestling and an attack on the dance contest. That dumb bald idiot from the previous bit stopped Stevie from finishing and the FBI steals one. And then Stevie kicks Rodman. Blech ending.

Al Snow and CW Anderson up next. Both guys are rocking beer guts. Very slow going, a lot of playing to the crowd with head. Someone threw a torso in the ring which got some torso chants. They almost threw the kid out but a “let them stay” chant actually worked. Now it’s just methodical aka boring so a “use the torso” chant breaks out.

Did I mention someone brought an infant here? Man, things have changed.

Anyway, this shit is going on waaaaaaay too long at this point. Terrible.

In a time stalling moment that would make Matt proud, some hooker is in the ring doing a shitty striptease.

In a great moment to make Matt proud, some Asian chick in the crowd showed her how it’s really done, showing some lovely tits not 20 feet from us.

Pukey vs Axl up now. They both bladed in full view of the crowd but it was the usual ECW through the crowd brawl. Axl wins with a ddt, and they hug it out in the end. It was short and inoffensive, well, not totally, but it was fine.

Intermission? It’s 9:37! Fuck me.

It’s 9:58. 20 minutes, my ass.

10:05. DJ Hyde hyped up TOD and Havoc/Gulak. Nice. I start a Gulak chant, and some fans shit on me. They called Gulak a dork. Ha.

Angel from Da Baldies vs the Gangstas 2 on 1 for a bit (oh and I forgot to mention Angel had his blade taped to his pinky in full view, even being 7-8 rows back it was totally noticeable) until BLKOUT came out and laid out the Gangstas. Impressive that the Gangstas sold for the guys, but man the crowd is shitting on this. They even stopped Natural Born Killers about 40 seconds into it. A “refund” and “fuck Shane Douglas” chant breaks out. The crowd really is starting to turn on the show at this point.

Raven vs Gary Wolf. God, more talking. Raven has a flock with a guy in a skull mask, a guido, a skinny guy, and Cripple H, some guy in a handicapped shirt that they used as a dart to hit Gary. He’s really crippled. Like can’t even walk crippled. And here comes the Sandman! And he’s so fucking wasted it’s unreal.

Meanwhile someone hit Cripple H with something from the crowd. And Sandman had a beer in front of us. He’s not in WWE shape anymore. But it was still cool.

So the Guido drops Sandman on his head and Gary hits a spinebuster on Guido for the PIN? Short and shitty. Sandman canes the cripple and he shares a case with Gary and some hot chick that I think is Gary’s girl. Fans are getting invited in to share a brew. It made the rubes happy, but there was no action from Raven and very little from Sandman.

Holy shit! Devon Storm in the house! And he’s taking on Jerry Lynn? Huh? No Justin Credible. Huh. Apparently Justin was wasted before the show, so we were told. Ugh. A “SAVE THE SHOW” chant breaks out.

And they did. Wow did they ever. Very few blown spots, but there was magic, including a top rope hurricanrana by Jerry Lynn to the outside! And there was a suplex by Devon through the guardrail! Oh, and at some point, i think someone was at ringside trying to fight Jerry Lynn and Devon. Couldn’t tell who it was but it was clearly a work.

Tons of chants against Shane Douglas now as he comes to the ring. Man, the crowd completely has turned on him and the show. He announces that Sabu was found unconscious in his hotel room. Then why not tell us at the beginning of the show? And no one told us anything about Justin Credible. So as Shane deals with people yelling and walking out, he announces 2 Cold Scorpio as Sabu’s replacement. Literally, Shane who is never at a loss for words, is watching a mass exodus of people heading for the exits. And that’s when we left.

It started good with the “new” guys, but then just went completely downhill. Jerry Lynn stole the show with Devon Storm, a testament to Jerry as well as Devon, but this could not save the show. The second best thing were the tittes, and she wasn’t even paid to do it.

What a disappointment! A huge one at that. Not much resembled an extreme show at all, and thank God for Jerry Lynn and Devon Storm, but I hope that Shane does the right thing and at LEAST rethinks this whole new promotion. I give him credit, he tried bringing in some young guys to sort of move on to a new generation. Even though these young guys could go, the show just felt like it was too bogged down with advancing stories rather than giving the crowd what they came for. When you sell your show as an extreme reunion, you pigeonhole yourself into what you are providing. Not delivering that is a huge mistake. Just bad decisions on this one.

I don’t think Shane can count on bringing back 2,000 people next time. If he gets 1,000 it will be a small miracle. Ugh.


  1. The person (or at least one of them) in the crowd during the Lynn-Storm match was Homicide, and the bald guy who kept interfering was Luke Hawx (Alter Boy Luke from XPW). The show had it’s moments and overall I still had a blast but there was definitely an air of disappointment in the crowd, especially during the second half. I’ll give them the shitty Gangstas match because it was building an angel (what a joke of a ladder New Jack busted out though…they couldn’t at least get a 10 foot?) and the no shows because what can you do? But if Sandman and Raven aren’t going to work or just can’t then don’t book them. They need to announce the fed’s name and start bringing in more new guys and quick. Luke Hawx, Homicide, the Maximos (the masked guys), and Homicide are a good start…they should add some more like Eddie Kingston, Necrobutcher, and others who can brawl and wrestle when they need to. Don’t even get me started about the fact that they didn’t have the “special” signed chairs for the front row that were promised with the $100 tickets. I ended up not leaving the venue until almost 1 am. Ugh.

      1. You’re right. I’ve just always been mixed about CZW since I felt like the “ultraviolence” was a little overdone in an attempt to out due what’s already been done (although I understand that with Hyde in charge things have changed) and was hoping to see some of these guys mixed in with the ECW guys that can still go booked in a more Heyman-esqe style. After last night’s train wreck I’ve pretty much accepted this probably won’t happen and that I should just accept that what’s out there right now is gonna have to be good enough or I might as well just stop watching altogether.

  2. I really enjoyed the Maximos and BLKOUT at the beginning, but I don’t think this was the show to start building angles, especially with lots of “new” guys. Oh, and the handicapped guy? People were drawn in for the ECW show, it should have been more of that.

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