Chikara Pro’s I’ll Be A Mummy’s Uncle by Shining Wizard Matt

So I just returned from my 1st ever Chikara Pro Live event. I’ll Be A Mummy’s Uncle was held in the Rahway Rec Center, and I had a blast. First off, this show was a 2pm bell time. Who doesn’t love an afternoon wrestling event? I got to see 3 hours of quality wrestling, and when it was all over, I still had the afternoon to enjoy the Mets beating the Phillies. If you have never been to a Chikara show, then I highly suggest you check one out. It’s good wrestling, good angle’s and just overall a good time.

A quick run down of what I was treated too. The show opened with Ultra Mantis Black against Ophidian. Ophidian recently stole Ultra Mantis Black’s staff, so there was a little history there. It was a back and forth battle, with Ophidian using the staff to distract Ultra Mantis Black before spitting some Muta-like Black spray in his face for the win. A good 8 minute battle, that told a great story.

Next we were treated to Saturyne(a woman wrestler) against Kobald(a dude). Now everyone knows how I feel about woman wrestling in general.In the last few weeks I have had to eat my words because the women of TNA put on a great show, and I had to give them credit. Well Santuryne did the same this afternoon. She and Kobald had a great little match, with Kobald getting the W, but Santuryne wrestled her little ass off, and took a beating. I give her all the credit in the world, and it was an enjoyable match.

They followed this little match up with a sick 4 way tag match between QT Marshall/Jack Bonza vs Chuck Taylor and Johnny Gargano from F.I.S.T vs Los Maximos vs The Bravado Brothers, a ton of awesome tag team moves, and a lot of action. F.I.S.T used there sneaky ways to get the pinfall on all 3 of the other teams earning themselves 3 points and a shot at the Tag Champs in the near future. I personally got a huge kick out of The Bravado Brothers, and if you don’t know who they are, look them up on YouTube, they are great.

The next match was “Mr Touchdown” Mark Angelosetti with Dasher Hatfield against Archibald Peck. This match was a riot, Peck was in his MMA gimmick and at one point had Mr Touchdown in a choke hold that put the referee to sleep, then in the middle of the action Peck called time out because Round 1 was over. I found this highly entertaining and it made the match that much better. Peck got DQ’ed for not letting up on the beating he was giving Touchdown in the corner, but it was a great match.

We were treated to Jigsaw and Tim Donst next, which was a wonderful wrestling match. Lots of high impact moves and close finishes. Jigsaw got the win, and Donst got to showcase his skills. I really enjoyed this match. Both these guys are amazing talents and I highly suggest you check them out if you have the time.

We got an intermission break for about 15 minutes, where you could interact with the Chikara wrestlers who were out and about signing autographs and talking to the fans, which is always enjoyable. I off course missed this cause my fat ass was waiting in line for food, which i never ended up getting because it was taking forever.

Back from intermission we get Jakob Hammermeier against Dragonfly. It was a quick and uneventful match, but Jakob is a german heel, and funny as all hell. He used the ropes to get the pinfall, in the quickest match of the night.

The next match may have been my favorite. Gran Akuma vs “The Handicapped Hero” Gregory Iron. For those of you who don’t know who Gregory Iron is, I will give you a quick run down. Gregory is a wrestler with cerebral palsy. He wrestles all over the United Sates. He was the man Colt Cabana and CM Punk celebrated in the ring a few months back after Punk had won the WWE Title and had “left” the company with it. This kind act got Gregory a ton of attention. Gregory’s cerebral palsy affect his right arm. He pretty much wrestles with one hand, but man does he know how to go. Him and Akuma put on an excellent show, with the stipulation that if Akuma loses he is out of Chikara. Icarus was the guest time keeper and with the ref knocked out he wrapped his fist in a chain and knocked out Akuma. Iron wouldn’t take the assist, so Icarus knocked out Iron’s as well. Once both men got there wits together, Akuma hit 3 powerbombs in a row for the win. Great match that left Gregory with a bloody nose.

Next we had another Woman vs Man match with Sara Del Rey taking on Kodama. Its not something I usually say, but damn can Sara wrestle, she looks better then a lot of guys in the ring. Kodama had the assist from the other guy who looks just like him(I didn’t catch his name) and Kobald. Sara just couldn’t keep her eyes on all 3 guys.

The main event was an 8 man tag match, that saw Eddie Kingston and the Colony take on GEKIDO. This match was fucking amazing. A ton of high flying action, lots of back and forth, and it told an amazing story. GEKIDO kept trying to take off the mask’s of the Colony, and in Chikara that is a huge NO NO. GEKIDO is an outside force that is attempting to run all over Chikara. I enjoyed seeing Eddie Kingston go, he is a beast, and the Colony is awesome. The end came when one of the Ants attempted to take off one of the GEKIDO’s mask. Well this back fired and cost team Chikara the match. Eddie Kingston and the Colony were extremely upset about losing this one to the GEKIDO, and hopefully this doesn’t doom the future of Chikara.

Overall it was a great show. If you like wrestling, you gotta check these guys out. The stories are great, the wrestling is great and its just a good time. You cheer the good guys and you boo the bad guys, its just fun. This show goes right up there with the Beyond Wrestling Show. Check these guys out next time they are in town and continue to support Indy Wrestling. Keep supporting the Shining Wizards Wrestling Podcast as well. Thank you all.

Shining Wizards Matt


  1. I’m not gonna bust on all your misspellings Bowman but I will give you a little advice. Paragraphs, yo! A bunch of little blocks of text are easier to read than one huge one. Good plug for what sounds like a fun show. I’m definitely curious to check out Chikara because of this.

    I know I said I wouldn’t bust on you but…it’s a shame you missed out on the wrestlers SINGING their autographs. “FIIIIIIIII-RRRRRE AAAAAAANNNNNNNT!”

  2. Yeah man, a little structural editing and grammar would go a long way in improving the reading experience because I kept pausing, if only for a moment, to correct it in my head.
    I was at the show with my nephew who loved it. It was my first Chikara show as well and I definitely feel comfortable attending any future show knowing my money would be well spent. You did a good job expressing how every performer looked very strong. It seemed like everyone stuck to their strengths and people worked smoothly with each other. It gave me the impression this company knows what their identity is and they are not putting their guys in positions to fail. This is a stark contrast to WWE and TNA.
    It’d have been cool of you to note that plenty of other talent was there enjoying the show as well. Perhaps since Jersey All Pro was using the building that night some wrestlers decided to catch Chikara and use the ring afterwards. As a fan it was cool to see wrestlers at shows they are not booked at and gave me a feeling that indy wrestling is a community.

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