Episode 463: Hard Times with Joe Galli

It’s the final week of pay-per-view picks for the boys, and it’s NWA’s Hard Times and NXT’s Worlds Collide to close out the year. Tony is needing a miracle while Kevin and Matt battle it for first place, but anything can happen. Joe Galli, voice of the NWA, joins us to talk about his career in reporting as well as commentating, and we discuss everything in the world of Into…

Episode 462: You’re a Good Man, Mark Adam Haggerty

The boys are back together and the conversation jumps right in with Tessa Blanchard’s Impact World Title win. Kevin and Matt think it’s a great thing. Tony still disagrees with the call and asks why there isn’t championship equality across the board. But it may be the fact that with only two PPVs to go for the pick extravaganza he finds himself woefully behind Matt and Kevin. There’s more coverage…

Episode 461: Strictly Business

The Two Man Group returns from New Years and there’s some new equipment getting a test drive. There’s coverage of New Japan’s WrestleKingdom 14 and some of the fallout, as Tony sulks over Ibushi’s two losses and Naito’s ascension to double champion. Plus, find out how bad the guys ate it with their picks. Kevin and Tony wonder what a new season of Legends House might look like. There’s a…

Episode 460: Wizards, Wigwams, and WrestleKingdom

It’s the end of the year and the end of the decade! But before we get into the roaring 20s it’s time to look back at the past decade, at least a little bit. The guys cover MLW and AEW before getting into some “best off” with MLW and WWE. Matt’s dream comes true as WrestleKingdom gets extensive coverage, and it’s the first time the event takes place over two…

‘Twas the Night Before Christmas, by Mick Foley

Celebrate Christmas with this rendition of ‘Twas the Night Before Christmas, with Santa enthusiast and hardcore legend, WWE Hall of Famer Mick Foley.

Episode 459: The 2019 Christmas Spectacular with the Turnbuckle Throwbacks

The Shining Wizards and the Turnbuckle Throwbacks get together for some Christmas cheer and wrestling talk. There’s coverage of the NWA, MLW, AEW and WWE, some discussion of the year’s “Best ofs,” gift exchanging, and so much more. Plus, the throwback of the week is Starrcade 1999. which was probably better than most thought but still not a good show. Enjoy the episode and enjoy the Holidays!

Episode 458: Don’t Count Vinny Out… of Milk

It was a loaded week of wrestling on PPV, including NWA’s Into the Fire, ROH’S Final Battle, and WWE’s TLC. OF course, the guys have you covered with coverage of it all, including all the surprise wins, title changes, special guests, and much more. “The Kid” Vinny Pacifico called in to discuss his wrestling career and his success in the Ring of Honor Dojo, as well as his time in…

Episode 457: The Nightmare Before Final Battle

The show starts hot with talk of Teddy Hart and his departure from MLW, which leads to ACH and the releases from WWE the past week as well. There’s plenty of MLW talk as well, which leads to discussing the announced inductees for the WWE Hall of Fame. We fall down the NWO rabbit hole, then get pulled out by Batista talk. Discussion shifts to the Ring of Honor Final…

Episode 456: A Richard Holliday Season

The terrible New Jersey weather forces the boys to do a show over Skype. Matt & Kevin kick it off talking Thanksgiving, The Fiend’s Belt, The Fiend, AEW & more. Tony calls in to chat a little bit about NWA, MLW & more. Before Richard Holliday we talk about Smackdown & Raw, then The Most Marketable Man joins us to talk Opera Cup, the Dynasty & more.

Episode 455: Hot Fire and the Job Squaf

The Wizards kick off Season 9 of the show with a presentation of the Two Man Group. Injustice member and new MLW Middleweight Champion Myron Reed joined us to talk about his match with Teddy Hart, the Injustice movement, and his career. Kevin and Tony then discuss AEW and the ranking system as well as the upcoming Thanksgiving episode of Dynamite featuring Scorpio Sky challenging Chris Jericho for the Championship….

Episode 454: A Great 8

Live from the Alementary Brewing Company in Hackensack, NJ, the Shining Wizards celebrate their 8th Anniversary. With special guests Dave LaGreca from SiriusXM’s Busted Open, Impact Wrestling’s Fallah Bahh, Ring of Honor’s L.S.G., and wrestling legend Crowbar. Plus many surprises.

Episode 453: Jimmy Seafood and the Skateboard Kid

The boys are in Studio on a Monday night as they get ready for the 8th Anniversary show next week. Kevin has become an AEW expert, picking a perfect PPV two weeks in a row. Matt and Kevin analyze the show while Tony is the butt of endless jokes. Vince, Paul Heyman, and Jim Ross have an interesting conversation about some nonsense. The boys also revisit NWA Power from last…