How Far Have We Come?

It was Thanksgiving 2011 when Eddie, Matt, and I had our first show. We had planned on doing the show together, in the same room, just three guys talking about wrestling. But on that first night, we started over Skype. To be honest (and despite starting in different places), the simple idea worked. It was friends doing what they always did. Except now, it would be recorded. I mean, if…

Three Attacks, One Business

Hello, fellow Wizards! It’s me, your long lost and favorite Shining Wizard, Tony. While I’ve been away for so long (and who can blame me? Living by the motto “if it’s on the table, take it,” I’m making those papers), I have managed to stay abreast (huh uh) of some of the happenings of the wrestling world. Working 13 hour days kinda sucks; well, maybe not really. I mean, I…

The IPPV Game. ROH can learn from Gabe and Company.

So Tony wants me to write more Blogs. Well I finally have gotten the chance to write one for you kind folks. I can honestly say I didn’t sit in front of my computer tonight to write this Blog. No I sat down 90 minutes ago for the ROH IPPV Death Before Dishonor X “State of Emergency”. Well if I am writing a Blog, then I must not be watching…

T-Shirts and Wizardry Boxes? We got ’em!

We just opened our brand new store. And our first t-shirts are sweet. Tired of being a star? Be what you are! Be proud, BE A MARK! Rock our new t-shirt and tell the world what you really are! And if that’s not enough, Matt is offering a Box of Wizardry? For 10 bucks, buy our junk! THE SHINING WIZARDS SHOP

The Carnival… Where is the Joy?

We all know the association between the world of wrestling and the carnival world. Hell, the lexicon used by both is the same. The carny folk ply their wares and make their money looking for marks who think they are smarter than the carnival. But, as expected, the mark falls for the trick and money is made. Even when the mark wins, he still doesn’t really win, for the fact…

A Zigga Zig Ah (no)!

So Dolph Ziggler had a great showing last night at No Way Out in front of a less than to capacity crowd at the Izod Center (I wonder if the panic is starting to set in about WrestleMania ticket sales for next year).

The Truth About the WWE

I have been wanting to write this blog for a long time.  I just haven’t gotten around to doing it because I feared after writing it I may finally write myself off as a wrestling fan.  I am 34 years old.  My first memory of wrestling was watching Hulk Hogan wrestle on one of the old MSG shows.  When my dad told me the Hulk was on, I thought he…

Johnny Ace and WWE: We Didn’t Fuck Up!

So WWE is explaining the Johnny Ace gaff by stating that he and Big Show had an agreement “in principle” on Saturday, and then made it official with a contract AFTER the PPV. Wonderful. At least they didn’t completely ignore it the way they usually do. Credit

We are down :(

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