Bowman Speaks!!!!!

OK ladies. This PWS fallout has gone on long enough. I am gonna set the record straight. Eddie and Tony DID NOT throw me under the bus. They DID NOT stab me in the back. They ARE NOT cowards or chicken shits. The 3 of us got together and discussed the fallout from the Blog that I posted. We decided that it would be best for the Shining Wizards to fix MY mistake. Eddie and Tony didn’t share the same views of mine about the PWS show and that’s fine. It doesn’t make them pussies or babies, or any of that other nonsense. Did I feel bad after I heard Pat Buck was pissed? Yes I did. Pat is a good guy, and I would like to think still a friend of the Shining Wizards. Should he have reacted that way on his podcast? Maybe not? Should I have posted that Blog? In hindsight, NO I don’t think I should have. Am I sorry that I posted it? Not at all, Maybe I should have been more thoughtful and mindful of what I was writing, but I wasn’t and thats for me to deal with. Eddie and Tony discussed what they were going to do on the Monday Podcast that I was not part of. I gave them the green light 100 percent. After listening to the show, I DID NOT feel like they threw me under the bus or any of that other shit. We decided as the Shining Wizards, that after the Monday podcast, that we were going to move forward with OUR show and not let this bullshit slow down our podcast. I decided that I DID NOT want to talk about this issue on the podcast,and that I didn’t want to have Pat Buck on as a guest, because I had nothing to say to him, It was water under the bridge. I felt that Eddie and Tony did a great job with the fallout from my BLOG. I want to move past this issue. That is why I didn’t talk about it at all. I still don’t want to talk about it. Its over and done with. Please lets move on.

Our fans and friends are important to us. We appreciate your support, but recently we feel like you guys have been beating the living shit out of us. We love to hear you guys voice your opinions and we are happy to give you the forum to do it. We don’t however feel like it benefits us if our friends are destroying us on our facebook page. I know you guys aren’t doing it to be hurtful or disrespectful, but it is starting to look that way. If you don’t like something we do, I encourage you guys to let us know, but when it starts getting personal, I think facebook isn’t the place for that. I understand you as listeners and fans have your point of view’s or your way you would have handled the PWS/Pat Buck situation, and again you are allowed your opinions, but we made a choice that we think will be best for the Shining Wizards in the long run. If you can’t except that, then I am sorry. If you think you can do a better podcast, by all means please take the time and get one started. We will support you 100 percent. If you don’t like the interviews we do, please skip that episode. If you don’t like Pat Buck or anyone else who is gonna be on our show, don’t listen to that show.

I can assure you guys that nothing on this podcast is going to change. I will continue to be the Matt that everyone has come to love and hate. Tony will continue being Tony, and Eddie will keep being Eddie. We will keep doing the podcast that you hopefully love and enjoy.We WILL NOT be censoring our show in any way, shape or form. I really hope this little Blog can clear things up. In closing, I would like to let everyone know, that when you decide to bash Eddie or Tony, your also bashing Me. We are a team, they didn’t ask to be thrown in the fire after I wrote the PWS Review. These guys had my back 100 percent, and I have there back 100 percent. We are not cowards, or babies, or pussies, or dudes with vaginas. And if we are, then all 3 of us are. Dudes with Vaginas, should be a band name. See you guys on Thursday. Keep up the support, we wouldn’t be hear without you guys. Special Wrestlemania edition of the podcast Sunday. Get your party hats on!!!

Shining Wizards Matt


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