Do you have a podcast, promotion, or business you’d like to promote? Would you like to reach thousands of people per week via radio/podcast or website advertising? Don’t want to spend too much to do so? Then advertise with the fastest-growing wrestling radio program. We have pricing to fit your needs.

Show Ads


The Shining Wizards is a live weekly wrestling broadcast show available on RantEM Radio every Tuesday Night, which also reaches thousands of fans per week, via Stitcher Radio, iTunes, AudioBoom, Tune In, GooglePlay,,, the Shining Wizards Network, and direct download from our website. Our episodes are advertised when published via our Facebook page. When guests appear on our program, press releases are sent to all major wrestling websites, such as,, Figure 4 Wrestling Online, PWInsider, 1Wrestling, the Blog of Doom!, and others. In addition to our flagship show, we also produce other less-frequent shows, such as Call Time, an Evening with Bowman, Wizards After Dark, Dinner Time, and others. Your advertising is guaranteed to be broadcast at a minimum of once per week.


Advertising on the show is $30 per week, or $200 per 10 weeks. We will do a read for you, but we reserve the right to edit same for time and read it in an entertaining style.


In lieu of payment we are always open to help grow your business with an exchange for promotional items. We will accept dvds, t-shirts, banners, posters, tickets to events, and other items to use as giveaways.

Podcast Production


If you’d like your advertisement produced, we can put together a commercial to air that will fit your needs. You provide the points or the script, and we’ll do the rest. We also recommend reaching out to Brian Thompson at Gauntlet Creative for all your broadcast needs.


Production is available for a fee of $25 for each commercial.

Website Ads


Advertising on our website provides your company or promotion with a banner ad on our main page ( Each banner can be up to 500×200 pixels and can be an animated gif if you so desire. The banners will be displayed on our main page, and will typically be updated weekly. A link to the website you provide to us will be sure anyone clicking through is taken straight to your homepage. We do reserve the right to limit banner ads for appropriateness, and we will be the final arbiters on that determination. Sorry, we need to keep some things clean!


Banners are $25 for every 4 weeks, or $200 for a full year (date to date one year later).



Any inquiries should be sent to