A Zigga Zig Ah (no)!

So Dolph Ziggler had a great showing last night at No Way Out in front of a less than to capacity crowd at the Izod Center (I wonder if the panic is starting to set in about WrestleMania ticket sales for next year).

Let’s be honest: no one cares about the Cena/Ace/Show/Vince fiasco. Cena is one-dimensional, Show is not believeable as the victim of a gang-attack, Ace is not compelling, and Vince is the full of shit bully he’s always been.

While Kane/Punk/Bryan apparently had an amazing match, and AJ the harlot was kept to a minimum (wonder if we need to Snitsky this one), it at least continues a storyline.

But Dolph. Oh, Dolph. The people chant your name. You earned your big break thanks to ADR getting concussed (and winning an awesome 4-way, of course). And you lose the big match. Why? Because God forbid you win the title as a heel.

Man, the slow burn to the face turn and the loss of all this heat is going to make that (hopefully) eventual win for naught. Maybe WWE needs to take more chances. Would it hurt? I mean, Ziggler looks like a wrestler. Not a dirtbag, and certainly not a waiter (or whatever he told DB he looked like). Would it hurt? Imagine an EXCUSE ME! where Vicky is announcing the new World champion. I’d like to see it. But it’s not gonna happen.

JR talked about a shake up last night. I think he meant the Big Show’s loss.


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