He is the Mastodon, one of the biggest of the big men in professional wrestling. His brutal style earned him accolades around the world. He is a three-time WCW World Champion, a three-time IWGP Champion, a two-time Triple Crown Champion, and is known worldwide for his brute force and supreme agility. Vader is about as tough as they come, known for his brutality of Cactus Jack, as well as his ability to stand immense pain, having had his eye dislocated by Stan Hansen and continuing the match. He destroyed Antonio Inoki in his debut for New Japan, causing a riot and leading the promotion to be banned from Sumo Hall. He was arrested in Kuwait when he assaulted a morning news reported during an interview. He has won numerous other titles, was the PWI Wrestler of the Year in 1993, and was voted to the WON Hall of Fame in 1996. Vader continues to wrestle periodically and still leaves a path of destruction in his wake.

Vader appeared on Episode 349: Eddie's Birthday Extravaganza.