Shane Taylor
A mass of humanity, the "Notorious" one has been leaving a path of destruction in wrestling for over a decade. While he spent his early career working in promotions such as WildKat Sports and the NWA, Shane has found his way into Ring of Honor. Taylor has been a dominant tag team competitor with an eye on singles competition. In tag team bouts, the monstrous Cleveland native was not afraid to mix it up with and hold his own against brawlers like War Machine and the Briscoes. Now, Taylor uses splashes, slams, and unrelenting violence to take it to his opponents. With an unmatched combination of size and strength, along with a lack of fear, Taylor has the tools to quickly rise up the ROH singles ranks and assert his dominance. Recently, he captured the ROH TV title, solidifying his climb to the top of the singles ranks.

Shane appeared on Special: Ring of Honor Final Battle 2017 and Episode 424: The Queen of the Wizards.