Kevin Gill
Kevin is a madern-day Renaissance Man. An avid fan of music and a child of the New York Hardcore Scene, he has been involved in the development of video games for companies such as Rockstar Games, he is a huge fan of wrestling, and he is the announcer for ICP Theater. He continues with his successful podcast, the Kevin Gill Show, as well. Kevin believes that his friends are his family, and the key to success is in first having a Positive Mental Attitude.

Kevin appeared on Episode 157: Uso Avatarded, Episode 184: Indy Knights, L.A. Fights, Christmas Lights, Part 4 LIVE, Episode 234: Four Year Super Happy Anniversary Fun Time Show Spectacular, Episode 313: Kevin Gill, My First Mate, Episode 349: Eddie's Birthday Extravaganza, and 378: Kevin Gill and Matt Macintosh, Two Bad OGs.