Kathy Hummer
The "Queen of the Wizards" Kathy Hummer has been a life-long wrestling fan. She first came into the lives of the Wizards as part of the Sign Girls with her wrestling pen-pal Christine. The two became a staple of PWS and WrestlePro, making signs for all the wrestlers. "Humma" has also been to many WWE and other promotional events, and she has also been a day-one fan of the Shining Wizards. Beloved by the wrestlers and the fans, Kathy truly is the queen.

Kathy appeared on Episode 111: PWS Sign Girls Breast Exams, Night 1, Episode 113: Plucking from the S**t Pool with the PWS Sign Girls, Part 2, Episode 117: PWS Sign Girls Proudly Present Joey Janela, Part 3, Episode 150: Chicken Soup LIVE, Episode 169: One Man, One Hummer, Episode 424: The Queen of the Wizards, and numerous other episodes.