Justin Credible
Justin is a former ECW World Heavyweight and Tag Team Champion who has held numerous titles over his career. He started his career in WWF as Aldo Montoya, the "Portuguese Man O War." He returned to the WWE during the "ECW Years" where he frequently teamed with X-Pac and Albert as "X-Factor." Justin still competes in the New York/New Jersey Area, and he recently broke out his Aldo Montoya persona one last time at the 2012 Chikara King of Trio's Tournament. He is also the host of successful YouTube show and podcast "Pro Wrestling 101."

Justin appeared on Episode 28: Extremely Incredible, Episode 70: An Incredible Return, Episode 100: Spooning with Sunny, Episode 117: PWS Sign Girls Proudly Present Joey Janela, Part 3, and Episode 343: Maxwell Jacob Friedman, That’s Incredible.