Eric Bischoff
From somewhat humble beginnings as a catalog model, Eric first began in the wrestling business when he went to the offices of the AWA looking for advertising time for his product, Ninja Star Wars. He scored an office job, and on chance stepped up and became an on-air interviewer. He found his way to WCW when the AWA folded, started as an on-air personality, and was soon hired as Executive Producer. Shortly, he became the Executive Vice President, and the rest, they say, is history. He was responsible for the signing of Hulk Hogan, the growth of the nWo, the rise of Goldberg, and making WCW the number one promotion in the country. Since the folding of WCW, he has worked for the WWE, produced reality programming with his partner, Jason Hervey, and, recently, set to launch his revamped podcast with Conrad Thompson.

Eric appeared on Episode 365: Tony's 75th Birthday Bonanza!