Dave Powers
The "Mega Powers" is leading the kind of life most of us dream of. He does production for Beyond Wrestling and has numerous web series and independent films in production. He is also friends with Warrior and has met the Great Power Uti, without having to go to Nigeria. He became co-host of Turnbuckle Throwbacks in 2013 where he worked alongside Phil Raia for three years.

Dave has appeared on Episode 6: Beyond Powers, Episode 14: Here Comes Mangue!, Episode 25: Live WrestleMania!, Episode 35: Sure Thing Wings, Episode 36: Dingle Warrior, Episode 42: Shining Wizards 90210, Episode 61: A Year-Long Show, Episode 67: Joel Gertner - Well, Well, Well, Episode 86: WrestleCon 2013, Episode 91: Clutch and Wiggle, Episode 112: Refereia Olivencia, Episode 117: PWS Sign Girls Proudly Present Joey Janela, Part 3, Episode 124: Legends of the Ring, Episode 160: Dirty Dickinson LIVE, Episode 215: Nutella, Episode 249: Mega Powers Wrestleraunt, Episode 280: Fall Brawl 1993, Episode 330: Burke and Powers, Episode 333: Vince McMahon, ECW Champion, and Episode 335: Aiden English Started This Podcast.