Colt Cabana
Colt is perhaps the most recognizable self-made wrestler of the past decade. He spent most of his early career in Ring of Honor while the promotion was in its infancy. It was during this time that he honed not only his ability in the ring but his personality as an entertainer as well. Colt is also considered to be the originator of wrestling podcasting, as his Art of Wrestling quickly became a must-listen, where fans could not only catch up on Colt himself, but also the wide array of wrestlers he has interviewed over the years. In recent years, he still travels the independents, and recently has found his way to the commentary table or Ring of Honor alongside Ian Riccaboni. Among the numerous championships he has held over the years, he is probably most known for holding the NWA World's Championship two times, and having a Seven Levels of Hate series with Adam Pearce over the championship.

Colt appeared on Episode 399: Matt's Fantastic Birthday BASH!!!