Brutus Beefcake
The Beefer is not only known for being a consummate male stripper, but over his illustrious career, he was Hulk Hogan's brother and disciple, a barber, a man with a fur face, a man with no name, the Zodiac, the Booty Man, and a member of the One Warrior Nation. While he is well-known for most of these characters, his time in the WWF as the Barber was truly when Brutus came into his own, earning high profile victories over the Macho Man, Zeus, and Mr. Perfect when he ended the Perfect one's winning streak at WrestleMania. He is also a former tag team champion with Greg "The Hammer" Valentine.

Brutus was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame, Class of 2019.

Brutus appeared on Episode 374: Kevin's Birthday Bash.