Anthony Lombardi
The Former "Grandmaster B" is a mainstay of the independent scene, working for a myriad of independents including ECPW, SSCW, Jersey All-Pro, and more. After getting into arguably the best shape of his career, he recently returned as part of the Fallen Angels tag team as Kanzer Giddeon, and is wreaking havoc in his old stomping grounds. He is also a host on the Fallen Angels podcast.

Anthony has appeared on Episode 7: The Grandmaster of Them All, Episode 10: It Will Be Vader Time... Soon, Episode 25: Live WrestleMania!, Episode 37: Fusion DS, Episode 41: Sharon!, Episode 61: A Year-Long Show, Episode 87: Year of the Dragon, Episode 94: Fallen Angels, and Episode 95: Fallen Angels, Second Coming.